trbo helps to overachieve your goals

trbo offers a variety of benefits to help you grow your business with dynamic onsite personalization.

More ROI

through increased sales in the shortest possible time

Satisfied Customers

through an improved shopping experience based on personalization & big data

Automatic Optimisation

personalized user targeting through machine learning and prediction

Simple Plug and Play Integration

with individual customizations options

Individual Price Model

with a personalized proposal tailored to your store

Personalization Made in Germany

Volutionary and heuristic algorithms in combination with our analytics will help to maximize your sales. As part of a machine learning approach, a continuous optimization of the personalized user approach takes place. In addition, the trbo SEPP formula offers a large selection of purchase incentives that are integrated into the shop via overlays.

Predictive Onsite Personalization

On-site & in real-time, trbo collects more than 50 user-related data points such as the traffic channel, the purchase history, the user’s location or even the weather. This data is analyzed dynamically, the users are segmented and the correct personalization campaign delivered to the user.

Predictive Shop Personalization

With the trbo personalization, you increase the sales of your online business. The use of big data makes a positive shopping experience possible, as the website visitor gets the right buying signals during his onsite journey fully automatical and in real time!

trbo reduces the shopping cart abandonment rate, increases the engagement and offers the user an individual shop experience

Real-Time Analytics as Business Intelligence Service

trbo offers you deep insights into onsite user journey analysis, which is valuable for personalizing your offer. You learn to better understand your customers and their needs and can use these learnings for your marketing.

Full control at all times

Deep insights

Own KPIs and reports

Including consulting


Our offer: Your personal trbo contact person will familiarise you with the step-by-step instructions online and will be happy to help and advise you at any time.

Universal usability for every shop system

Our trbo algorithm is characterized by versatile integration options. Its all-encompassing compatibility not only allows implementation in shop systems such as OXID, Magento, and e.Pages but also in individual systems. trbo works with cloud-based solutions and is, therefore, an attractive way to optimize your online store - regardless of its traffic and size.

Fast integration - simple operation - immediate effect

The trbo technology will be integrated into your shop in no time. The integration of the trbo JavaScript Snippet is similar to a Google Analytics setup and our algorithm can begin with the data analysis in just a few hours. Through a product & coupon feed that you provide us, our technology optimizes your online store and offers the customer the right purchase incentives at the right moment.

Top priority for safety and reliability

Reliability and security are top priorities for trbo when it comes to your online stores. The performance of your online store shall not be affected. That's why the tracking and analysis of your data will run on an independent trbo system. The delivery of the purchase incentives happens in milliseconds and the page structure of the online shop is not disturbed.

Start your dynamic onsite personalization today!